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June 2010



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Jun. 25th, 2010

pinyon grove

early summer updates

Grades for spring are in. Yay!

Summer session madness has started.  Poor students: sixteen weeks condensed into six.  I'm teaching two classes: intro to physical and its lab.  I love teaching these, but this is intense.  Lively students.  It's all good, even though I get tired thinking about it.

I have to design a practicum for this farm learning center and talk someone into supervising it/me.

We have barn kitties!

We have fenced the property...

We have more trees in the orchard and new veggie beds.

We have not yet built the chicken coop.

Septic system is on the fritz.  Ah the joys of "country living."  Jacob is worth his weight in gold, plus.

Compressor on our A/C just went out, yesterday. Can't afford a new one.  I'm pretty sure we can't afford window swap coolers right now, but maybe later. So...we'll be opening the windows, for a while. Grateful: the septic tank has been pumped. ;-)

Two wishes: that the septic leach beds haven't been totally destroyed (may they survive and renew themselves) and that high desert summer holds off most of her heat until we figure out what to do next...

Jun. 2nd, 2010

pinyon grove


Farm plan was a success. Now, I'm told, I might want to begin considering serious income streams. Yeah, later. Way later.

I made it through one more term.  I do NOT know how.  Partly unconscious, I think. I'm just so relieved. Just. So. Very. Relieved.

Now to take care of that troublesome *cough* problem.  Outpatient surgery scheduled mid-June.  No more than a couple days recovery, I hear.  Then back to teach summer intersession.  And boo on the one who said this was a result of having too many kids, perhaps? :-P

Summer break isn't really summer break, is it, in this part of grad school?  Ugh.  I'm still determined to find ways of relaxing.

What is on your fun to read list, right now?

Feb. 5th, 2010

pinyon grove

(no subject)

I have to write a farm plan. Eek!

Well, to be honest, it's probably the best thing someone could make me do. Farm Plan 101. Might have saved the old place. Maybe.

Jan. 9th, 2010

pinyon grove

what we've been up to this week

Rodents not only like my plants, they like my car.

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pinyon grove

ag update

It's winter but here are some photos of things agricultural going on here through the summer and fall. 

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Aug. 10th, 2009

pinyon grove

(no subject)

I think that what we need to do is learn to eat squirrel and rabbit. Logically, when we get a couple of barn cats, some of our rodent and related species problems should go down. Someone told me that the smartest, fastest, hunting-est dogs can be outwitted by ground squirrels. He has boundless admiration for these creatures.  They are admirable, for sure. I don't disagree that they ought to be admired in the way that the Chinese revere the rat...

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By the end of summer, I'll put up some photos of our wire protection devices on my wordpress, with a link here.

Aug. 1st, 2009

pinyon grove


Trouble in the White House garden.
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Jul. 26th, 2009

pinyon grove

(no subject)

Why agricultural literacy might be important in the liberal arts:


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Attitudes, opinions, and perceptions of agriculture in much of academia are discouraging.

pinyon grove

(no subject)

A job and a half plus grad school equals gardening on weekends. When we bring in animals, I suppose it will be (mostly, not entirely - critters do have to eat!) farming on weekends. Once summer term is over and fall begins, my schedule switches over to two night classes and a late afternoon lab class. And the twice a month museum work/class. That leaves more days to work on our land, day or night.

Winter classes have been canceled on our campus due to budget issues. There's a kind of anxiety causing me to wonder if this is one way to not call back adjuncts in the spring. This seems to be a really bad time for the college to do this. Our region is quite depressed - it is in the best of times, things are especially bad right now. Our county has the highest unemployment in the state - it's among the highest in the country. We hit double digits a while back. People are flooding into the school, looking for some way to rebuild their own economies. There are some pretty good vocational programs at the college which should be helpful to the region. As for students who want to go on to four-year schools - this is a crappy time to cut their winter classes, too.

Here, we'll find a way. We have to. If I were a more successful weekend gardener, I'd say we'll at least have food. Heh. Same old same old there. It amazes me that things I had so little trouble with on the old property are driving me nuts here. Still working out the kinks, that's for sure. I should have newer photos up soon.

Jul. 5th, 2009

pinyon grove

(no subject)

too much to do This makes me feel better. Vastly improved cactus and succulent garden since this was taken. Blooms! Color!  Mesquite varieties are leafed out and looking happy.  Beginnings of an orchard are now happening. Looking back to look forward. ;-)

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